Thuriferous juniper (Juniperus thurifera) in Morocco
The social role of the thuriferous juniper

 So long as there will be trees, there will be Men...


The Moroccan forest plays ever since a great social role because it allows the survival of Berber populations in the mountain. To these high altitudes (between 2000 and 3000 m), the thuriferous Juniper constitutes the main resource from woods whose have the inhabitants. Because of its regression, the mountain dweller life become more difficult and its disappearance will lead to a massive rural depopulation.

Valley of Azzaden (High Atlas, Morocco)
(Photograph N. Montès)

The numerous uses of thuriferous juniper by the local populations show the privileged place that this tree occupies in life of villages in high atlasic valleys: Its foliage serves as forage for goats, and its woods have numerous interests: piece of timber for frames, firewood, or after distillation (it produce tar), as healing and antiseptic (photograph hereafter).

(Photo J. M. Savoie)